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Uncovering the Best Cannabis Companies to Work for

The Win-Win with Cannabis Radio Show (WSCA 106.1 FM) and podcast interview cannabis industry CEOs, executives, and subject matter experts. We highlight successful workplace cultures, cannabis-related trends, and how the industry is positively impacting the human condition.

Win-Winwith Cannabis Radio Show WSCA 106.1 FM

We help cannabis companies share their brand story.

Cannabis Tips Audio Clips

We share compelling 2-4 minute audio clips from our radio show interviews with cannabis leaders.

Win-Win with Cannabis Recruiting

We build relationships with top cannabis workplace leaders.

What we do

The Win-Win with Cannabis Radio Show (WSCA 106.1FM) promotes reputable cannabis company’s workplace cultures and SMEs (subject matter experts).  We are excited about the potential for the cannabis industry as both health-related innovators and job creators. Our radio show is supported by Win-Win with Cannabis Recruiting. We partner with cannabis companies looking to hire top talent.


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