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This week on Win-Win@Work’s Live radio show, hosts Michael Cameron and Kristi Baxter speak with Dr. Raji Wahidy of, primarily about his company business model. Specifically, Dr. Raji speaks to how his team brings value to his mid-sized to large clients with significant hiring needs who have decided to make an investment in their recruiting efforts. His firm has demonstrated up to 40 percent savings in the long run, so the idea of outsourcing has proven to be both more effective and cost saving.

Supporting the Internal Human Resource Team

As My Recruiting Team‘s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Raji’s goal is to remove the long hours and pain of recruiting exceptional talent by offering a new spin on traditional recruiting. He refers to the concept as Recruiting Process Outsourcing (RPO), which fills a number of operational gaps in the current talent acquisition process. While neither an agency nor a recruiter, this firm’s model covers the full spectrum of job recruitment by handling all aspects of the hiring process (not just sourcing) to cover hiring, onboarding, hiring manager services, negotiations, as well as general recruiting. One particular interesting value added offering is a recruiting helpdesk where applicants can be reached a person quickly, directly by candidates in the interview cycle, to inquire on the status of the hiring process. No more black holes of contact after an interview when neither recruiters nor hiring managers are able (or willing) to provide feedback! This team serves as a liaison to keep the ball in the air on the hiring process.

The Value of a Candidate Focused Hiring Process

He stresses the importance of a candidate focused hiring process, “Our recruiting managers ultimately become your hiring managers” which is a significant change from the ‘hit and run’ sourcing model of many outsourcing/recruiting companies who generally ‘headhunt’ their way through jobs. The headhunter model lacks because it does not provide a strong relationship between the company and the candidate.

“if we do not give the appropriate attention to the candidates, and make the interview process a difficult and miserable process, it will only reflect on the organization’s brand. Whether the candidate makes it or not, it does not matter.

By ensuring that the hiring process is efficient and well managed from start to finish, there is a higher likelihood of proper ‘fit’ as well as a better experience for candidates, which ultimately improve an employer’s brand. Coupled with cost savings of traditional recruiting models of up to 40%, it becomes a win-win for certain.

For more information on the team and their product check out this video regarding their services.

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