Job Pods

There is a Better Way to Attract Top Cannabis Talent



My recruiting service fee to target and recruit exceptional cannabis talent may not be part of your budget currently. If that is the case, there is another service (a fraction of the cost) I can offer to help your talent acquisition attract more talent.  Job pods are 2-3 minute radio interviews featuring hiring managers sharing their companies employer brand message. Hiring managers help attract better talent by sharing their job description’s highlights and leadership style, differentiating the job opportunity and workplace culture from similar open jobs in the area.

The Win-Win with Cannabis Radio Show records and edits the job-related radio interview. We convert the radio interview into a job pod or audio link.

The links are attached to website career pages, job postings, and inbound email recruitment campaigns. Why is that important? A brief audio message is a powerful tool to help your talent acquisition team connect with top talent. In fact, an increasing number of top cannabis candidates are not responding to traditional job postings, repetitive recruitment emails, or disruptive cold calls. Feel free to contact me with any questions.






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